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  • Administrator rights required on first run to load the webplayer
  • Windows 8 - turn off Internet Explorer 'Protected Mode'
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  • Login Problem! I don't get to the blue screen!

     Don't worry - it's probably something simple!

    • Ensure that you are on a PC computer (not a mac)
    • Ensure that you are using the Internet Explorer web browser (not Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
    • If this is the first time run on this computer, ensure you are logged in with Administrator level rights to allow the web player to install (check with your IT department if possible)
    • Set your web browser to trust the website (see the article below for a how-to movie)
    • Using WIndows 8? Temporarily turn off 'Protected Mode'. Click the link below for more info.

      Still having a problem?

  • Click here to trust website automatically
  • Add a Trusted Site to Internet Explorer - SWF Movie

    High security restrictions under Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista may prevent the web player from loading. Adding the elearning website to the web browser trusted zone will overcome most issues. To see how to add the website to your trusted zone, click the movie link or follow the instructions below: (NOTE: Your version of IE may look slightly different but the process is the same)

    Click this link to view SWF how-to movie

    View full login process MP4 movie

  • Add a trusted website to IE - Instructions
    How to Add a Trusted Website to IE:

    • In Internet Explorer, click on 'Tools' (or the tools icon which looks like a gear), then select 'Internet Options'
    • A form will open. Click on the 'Security' tab then the 'Trusted Sites' green checkmark
    • In the field at the top called 'Add this website to the trusted zone' copy and paste this exact address: NOTE: Make sure it is 'http' not 'https'
    • Click on 'Close' then 'OK'. Refresh your browser (press the F5 key or click the refresh arrows)
    • Try the login again

  • How do I print my certificate?
    Learning Center Screen:

    To print a course certificate login to the 'Learning Center' screen, then click the 'History' button. A list of your completed courses will appear. Click once to highlight a course, then click the 'Print Certificate' button. NOTE: Certificate printing mustbe turned on by your manager. Food Safety for Food Handlers course certificates are not available for printing.
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