Beyond WHMIS

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Why is This Course Better?


Beyond WHMIS is a unique online training course in safety basics for new and returning Canadian workers. It addresses three critical topics for new or returning workers:

– Safety laws, rights and responsibilities

– Hazard recognition and control

– WHMIS awareness training

In addition to workers, this course also assists employers who have a responsibility to provide training in these areas.  Beyond WHMIS helps to address this mandatory training gap, and by helping workers get started with knowledge of these important areas and is an investment in company safety culture.


CUSTOMIZE: In order to customize and make specific the training being delivered to your worker, company safe operating procedures (or other related PDF’s / videos) can be inserted to this course, and an acknowledgment of their understanding required from students. This allows you to deliver customized site-specific training with this course.

Safety Laws, Rights, Responsibilities, Unsafe Work Refusals

The course provides an overview of Canadian safety laws, including worker rights and responsibilities, the responsibilities of all workplace parties, the internal responsibility system, and the workers right to refuse unsafe work.

Beyond WHMIS goes beyond the ‘letter of the law’ to also emphasize the mental game of safety, the importance of keeping alert to changing hazards, and worker self-awareness and responsibility including working with a ‘duty of care’ in mind. Click the play button on the movie above.

Hazard Recognition and Control

Most young workers have little or no experience or training on the various types of hazardous energies which may exist in the workplace. This part introduces students to generic hazardous energy types under the acronym ‘CHEMSAFE’ and seeks to create a mental habit of workers thinking ahead to what hazards may exist or may be created as they work. The student is repeatedly prompted to ask ‘what if…’ questions.

Demonstrations of various types of hazards are introduced including the mental and physical impacts they may have. The student is challenged to make a mental inventory of the various types of hazards they may encounter in undertaking any task.

The standard safety ‘hierarchy of controls’ is presented under the easier-to-remember acronym ‘REACT-PPE’. The student is walked through the process of using the left-to-right hierarchy to select the appropriate control(s) to control the hazard(s). While this process has in most instances been done in advance for them by the employer, understanding the process makes better informed and more self-responsible workers able to adapt to changing conditions.

4 Routes of Entry / Personal Protective Equipment

An important area commonly missed in WHMIS training is that of body vulnerabilities, and how personal protective equipment (PPE) can be used (as last resort after engineered controls) to protect you.

This module covers how chemical and biological materials can enter/damage your body through the four main routes of entry, and the need to prevent access through the use of PPE.

Body vulnerabilities are matched to specific types of PPE so students understand how to protect themselves.

Each part contains a summary movie and PDF summary pages that can be printed by students for later review and better retention. Each part contains a quiz to confirm understanding before a final scored quiz is presented. Students can self-print a certificate of completion and their record of completion is recorded.

WHMIS Awareness Training

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Based on our nearly 30 years of experience providing WHMIS training software, this module provides students with brief and effective awareness training in the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. By using the customization feature shown above in the blue band, this can include site-specific safe operating procedures or other PDF / video documents.

The WHMIS module explains the relationship between WHMIS and the Global Harmonization System.

Text, simple graphics, images, audio, video, and interactions are included to help learning. A final quiz confirms student understanding.

What you will learn in this course:

Canadian workplace laws

  • Workplace laws
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Due diligence and ‘duty of care’
  • The Internal Responsibility System
  • Work refusals

Hazardous Energies

  • CHEMSAFE hazardous energies
  • Internal, external, and psycho-social hazards
  • Hazards vs Risks
  • The Safety Triangle

REACT-PPE Hazard Control

  • What is REACT-PPE
  • Applying REACT-PPE to control hazards

Personal Protective Equipment

  • The 4 Routes of Entry into your body
  • The dangers of inhalable particles
  • Personal protective equipment types
  • Respiratory equipment


  • Hazard communication laws
  • The Global Harmonization System
  • WHMIS label elements and pictograms
  • Workplace label information
  • Safety Data Sheet information
  • WHMIS responsibilities

Students proceed through self-paced and graphical, narrated lessons and a final quiz. Quiz results are automatically scored and stored for management reference. For multiple enrollments, the Simply! Tracking program provides managers with access to completion data, batch certificate printing, expiry notifications, and training done and training due reports.

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Beyond WHMIS training is available 365/24/7 and relieves managers of the hassle of scheduling and delivering classroom employee orientation training.