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We Help Manage Compliance!

Since 1994, KnowledgeWare has created innovative safety compliance training software. How can we help you?

  • Off-the-shelf safety compliance courses
  • Custom course development and SCORM packaging
  • Electronically proctored exams for verified identification
  • Training Tracking / Compliance monitoring software
  • Put Your SOP’s Online / Best Practices / Continuous Improvement
  • Company courseware development using Xerte™ Toolkits
  • Let us put your company training online!
Canada’s Best Online WHMIS Awareness Training!
WHMIS Orientation

For initial introduction to WHMIS awareness. Time: About 2 hours.

WHMIS Refresher

WHMIS Refresher: For persons repeating training. Time: About 75 minutes.

WHMIS for Supervisors

WHMIS for Supervisors: Goes deeper into WHMIS regulations and responsibilities. Students should already have competed WHMIS Orientation or have previous training. Time: About 90 minutes.

WHMIS for Office Workers

WHMIS for Office Workers: A lighter WHMIS course for persons working around but not directly exposed to hazardous products. Time: About 45 minutes.

WHMIS for Food Handlers
WHMIS for Food Handlers

WHMIS for Food Handlers: A shorter course covering the basics for food service workers. Time: About 45 minutes.

Let us create a custom WHMIS course for your organization with your own embedded safe work procedures!

Simply! Tracking LMS

Document training, create company courses, manage best practices / continuous improvement, delegate responsibilities in this easy-to-use learning management system.

  • Document required training – avoid compliance fines
  • Track and maintain high compliance levels in courses and best practices
  • Quick disseminate and get acknowledgment on critical procedural documents for improved legal protection
  • Create and deliver custom online training via a commercial implementation of Xerte™ toolkits to both desktop and mobile devices
  • Put Your SOP’s Online / Best Practices / Continuous Improvement
  • Push compliance responsibilities down to department manager / supervisor level and monitor with real-time KPI’s
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New: Best Practices / Continuous Improvement Module


Get Critical Information Acknowledged – FAST

  • Quickly disseminate important documents and videos to staff and contractors
  • Require and track acknowledgment of documents for legal purposes
  • Monitor compliance with real-time KPI reports
  • Put your safe operating procedures online for periodic acknowledgment
  • Solicit feedback: innovate in a continuous improvement loop
Xerte™ online toolkits

Xerte™ toolkits is an award-winning suite of multimedia authoring tools developed by the University of Nottingham, UK, and is used by hundreds of schools, colleges, and universities around the world. U2Course is a commercially-hosted online implementation of the open-source Xerte™ software within the Simply! Tracking LMS. It allows non-technical subject matter experts in small-to-medium companies to quickly create and deliver cost-effective training.


  • Fast course development for small to medium business
  • Non-technical persons can develop training
  • Assign and deliver courses online to staff or external contractors
  • Track progress and automatically score exams

Moving fully to online training can result in large savings for many companies.

Template Design

Xerte’s template-driven design makes content authoring easy to anyone with a web browser. Subject matter experts can focus on their content rather than the need for developing programming skills. Groups of persons like developers and artists can collaborate on instructional course design from different locations.

Self Scoring Exams

Create self-scoring interactive exams with various question types, audio, and/or video. Exams can score directly to the Simply! Tracking database and students can print their own certificates of completion. Email notifications of upcoming course expiries to remind students to stay current.

Multimedia Content

Xerte’s many page types make  creating multimedia content (text, images, video, audio) easy. Built-in-tools for accessibility generate high-usability content for learners with special needs.



HTML5 Delivery

Courses developed can be delivered to all desktop and mobile devices using standards-compliant HTML5 in a responsive template. Developers can access javascript and CSS to created sophisticated customized materials if desired.

Save Time / Engage Supervisors and Managers:
Delegate Compliance Responsibilities Downward!

Push Responsibilities Downward


After your courses and electronic documents are created, the focus shifts to ensuring that staff are notified, trained, and compliant with requirements. This can take a considerable management time.


Simply! Tracking gives your supervisors simple and effective tools to stay on top of regulatory compliance at the shop floor level.  Pushing responsibilities down increases personal engagement and improves compliance.

Bird’s Eye View

Management receives periodic visual compliance overviews via email, allowing low compliance areas to be adjusted quickly.

Can we put your company training online?
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Food Safety Level 1 Training

We have Canada’s most comprehensive food safety 3 PACK training package!  BE BETTER QUALIFIED! Includes:


  • Food Safety for Food Handlers (5 year level 1 certificate)
  • WHMIS for Food Handlers (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System)
  • Food Allergies for Food Handlers

Food Safety for Food Handlers level 1 training (5 year certificate) valid in BC/YT/SK/MB/ON/NB/NS/PE/NL. Get your certificate online today in as little as 7 hours. Do the optional courses for a better qualification that employers will appreciate. *Food Allergies for Food Handlers is included as a limited time offer – spring 2021.

New! Teaching Online – Like a Pro!

A Quick Course in Instructional Skills for Online Instructors

  • How to develop and deliver effective adult online learning
  • Includes up-to-date adult learning theory
  • Deliver training effectively with tools like Zoom™
  • Avoid the common painful mistakes made by new instructors
  • Developed for anyone who wants to teach online
  • Provides an effective update for seasoned classroom teachers
  • Helps keep organizational standards and student satisfaction high
  • Complete this course online in about 3 hours and print your certificate

Written by a PhD trainer with 35+ years ‘in the trenches’ teaching experience. Organizational discounts available.

Call us at 1-800-893-9333 Pacific for information

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