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KnowledgeWare Communications Corp.

KnowledgeWare Communications Corp. is a Western Canadian company with more than 20 years experience in developing innovative employee training software.  Our quality software tools help make legal compliance easier for small to large companies. And, focused safety awareness training courses builds the skills and morale of workers and supervisors, leading to a more satisfied and productive workforce.

Companies use our Simply! Tracking training management software to help centralize and simplify mandatory worker training records. Managers can quickly view a list of ‘training due’ or ‘training done’ for workers, as well as create customized company training courses such as orientations. Easy-to-use record keeping and reporting features reduce legal risk, and training customized to your company can improve employee skills, knowledge, and competencies.

Simply! Tracking Training Management

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Simply! Tracking is a simple-to-use web-based training tracking and scheduling software tool. This program makes is easy for you to assign managers from multiple locations to oversee their department’s training compliance. Delegating this responsibility helps save you time and makes you more productive elsewhere. Location and department managers master the simple interface quickly with minimal time and training.  Automatically generated email alerts keep managers posted on training due and training done.

U2Course Creator

U2Course create your own courses

Our U2Course Creator tool allows you to quickly turn your company powerpoints or PDF’s into online training applications. By adding a quiz these courses become self marking and the system tracks worker understanding and compliance. Inexpensive company course creation and delivery via the U2Course Creator tool can generate substantial cost reductions and ROI as well as increase product quality and improve legal compliance.

Custom Courseware Development

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KnowledgeWare can create quality custom courseware for your worker orientation or special application training. Or, we supply you with the tools to build your own online training materials, including the rapid import of existing company powerpoint and PDF training materials. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide innovative training solutions for companies, and to grow a progressive, customer friendly business with integrity.

We believe technology should enhance human communication, not limit it. That’s why we’ll always have real people answering our phones. Please call 1-800-893-9333 Pacific for more information.