Instructor Skills Online Training Course

Quick Facts:

What is it?
A self-paced online training course which solves the problem of ‘just-in-time’ instructional skills training for new continuing education teachers, workplace supervisors, or corporate trainers.

How long does it take?
This online course takes approx. 8-10 hours to complete and is essentially equivalent to a 24 hour classroom instructional skills workshop. Taking longer and thoroughly reviewing is recommended as the information is condensed and takes time to absorb. Printable summaries of key points are included at the end of each lesson.

Do I get a certificate?
Yes, students can self-print a certificate of completion after successful completion of the 25 question final quiz.

Can I do it from home?
Yes. You can do the course from the privacy of any computer (tablet or larger size) with a modern web browser capable of HTML5 (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE 11 or later). Audio capability recommended.


  • 1 License:  $194.99
  • 2-4 Licenses: $174.99
  • 5-9 Licenses: $144.99
  • 10 or more Licenses: $124.99
  • > 25 Licenses: $94.99
  • Please call to register more than one person

Just-In-Time Instructional Skills for Classroom Presenters

instructor skills online train the trainer course

Develop and Deliver Training Professionally

This unique online course compresses the latest educational research and the practical skills of successful trainers into  a cost-effective solution to the problem of delivering just-in-time instructional skills training.  New continuing education instructors, workplace supervisors, corporate trainers, or anyone wishing to teach can benefit from this course. Learn to avoid predictable errors that can result in knee-shaking stress, cost you money, or hurt your organization’s credibility.

Avoid these top 10 Classroom Killers:

  • Presenting disorganized courses and lessons
  • Ignoring learner preferences
  • Failing to motivate students
  • Not respecting the characteristics of adult learners
  • Presenting unfathomable learning objectives
  • Making common gaffe’s with handouts and visuals
  • The introductory session from hell experience
  • Leaving out learning interactivity
  • Miscommunicating with students
  • Delivering rage-provoking quiz questions

New instructors or content experts are often appointed and asked to design and deliver training courses without formal teaching skills and experience. This course can help them quickly get up-to-speed on best practices while reducing their stress levels. It also directly benefits trainers hired and expected to teach specific skills effectively in a corporate or educational setting, or acts as best-practices refresher training for experienced instructors.

Instructor Skills Online provides anyone with basic knowledge of proper course design, successful delivery techniques, and up-to-date research-based instructional skills before they meet their first class. It allows students to avoid the common errors made by novice instructors, design their courses to effectively engage student learning, and deliver the information in a professional manner. It can save thousands of dollars on outsourced ‘Train the Trainer’ programs, travel time and cost, and instill hard-to-acquire skills into your supervisory workforce quickly. Increased effectiveness of teaching results in increased confidence as well as enhanced workforce learning.

Organizations benefit both directly and indirectly from improved training delivery. Online training is available where and when needed and saves substantial costs on time and travel to scheduled train-the-trainer instructional skills workshops. New staff can receive immediate training for needed skills. Improved courses can result indirectly in improved learning and morale, lowered accident and absenteeism rates, and a better workplace culture.

The Course Covers These Subjects:

  • The Learning Process
  • Characteristics of Adult Learners
  • Planning Courses and Lessons
  • Planning BOPPPS Lessons
  • Writing Learning Outcomes
  • Writing Test Questions
  • Assessment Tools
  • Creating Your Visuals
  • Preparing Your Handouts
  • Starting Your Course Right
  • Motivating Your Students
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Addressing Learning Preferences
  • Making Lectures Interactive
  • Communication Skills
  • Influencing Student Behavior
  • Assessing Your Teaching

Students proceed through self-paced and graphical, narrated lessons and a final quiz. Quiz results are automatically scored and stored for management reference. For multiple enrollments, the Simply! Tracking program provides managers with access to completion data, batch certificate printing, expiry notifications, and training done and training due reports.

Author Peter Fenrich PhD describes course goals:

A substantial percentage of screen in this software are interactions that make the learner think. As well, brochures and books and most web resources do not utilize video. This is critical since video is essential for teaching some skills, such as by demonstrating good and bad examples of teaching. As well, the costs for brochures and books can be substantial over time.

Instructor Skills Online Features:

  • Multimedia with narrated audio to enhance learning
  • Video tips by experienced instructors
  • Self-paced interactive tutorials
  • ‘Resume’ feature
  • Simple to operate
  • Printable lesson summaries
  • Randomized, automatically scored final exam
  • Students can self-print certificates

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