Simply! Tracking®

Quick Facts:

What is it?
A web-based application which tracks and schedules cyclic workplace training.

Who Uses It?
Simply! Tracking is usually used by the safety or HR manager to consolidate Excel spreadsheets and to maintain records of due diligence for mandatory workplace training.

What are the Technical Requirements?
This application requires a modern web browser. No software needs to be installed.

Where is my Data Located?
Your data sits on a secure web server in either Toronto or Vancouver, Canada. Employee training data can be exported at any time to a variety of formats such as MS Excel.

Delegate Responsibilities
The ‘National Training Manager’ may delegate responsibility for others to manage training in their location(s).

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Need to Track Compliance Training for 50 to 15000 people?

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Simply! Tracking® is a simple-to-use web-based software program that tracks and schedules cyclic employee training for workers and contractors. An accessory U2Course module (see ‘U2Course’) allows you to inexpensively create your own online employee orientation and safety training courses.

This employee training program software is especially valuable for companies spread across multiple locations who need to schedule and track mandatory employee training, and who may need to deliver site-specific employee safety training by location. Employees can login to view their past training history, future courses due, and self-print certificates of completion.


  • Keep compliant with centralized tracking training
  • Convenient automatic email notifications of expiring courses
  • People import feature, batch print certificates or wallet cards
  • Completely web-based – no software to load
  • Automatic monthly manager training done/due reports
  • Delegate training tracking/scheduling responsibilities to local managers
  • Automatic monthly manager training done/due reports
  • View instant training cost approximations
  • Substantial time savings in tracking training in one centralized database
  • Well organized records increases management efficiency
  • Enables easy tracking of equipment items issued to employees

Centralized scheduling and employee training tracking eliminates duplication of efforts at each location and results in cost savings and a national database of all employee safety training certifications. Managers anywhere in the world can login to check employee safety training records for their location.

Simply! Tracking makes it easy to track and schedule supervisor and employee safety training locally or globally, and to delegate training tracking responsibilities to local site managers. Call us for a demo!

U2Course Creator

U2Course create your own courses

For information or a demonstration call us at 1-800-893-9333 Pacific!