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An Easy-to-Use System to Manage and Create Training for Small to Medium Companies and Associations

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The 4 Main Applications of this Software:

Document Company Training

Meet regulatory requirements to document worker training. Tracks cyclic online, classroom, and on-job-training, including courses requiring multiple task steps and practical tests. Simple-to-use interface.

To Create and Deliver Online Training

Use the integrated easy-to-use but powerful Xerte online course creator to develop and deliver online training. Deliver training in-company to staff or globally to contractors on any HTML5 device.

To Put SOP / Company Procedures Online

Take Safe Operating Procedures and other company documents out of binders and put them online with videos. Require regular worker acknowledgement of procedures for improved legal protection.

To Delegate Compliance Responsibilities

Instantly delegate training compliance responsibilities to department managers and/or supervisors. Real-time monitor training compliance % with scheduled management KPI reports.

Document Worker Training

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Quick Facts:

What is it?
A web-based application which tracks and schedules cyclic workplace training, including online, classroom, and shop floor training, including training needing practical tests. The interface is intentionally kept simple and straight-forward to minimize the learning curve, and the application best fits companies who use a location/department type hierarchy.

Who Uses It?
Simply! Tracking is usually used by the safety/compliance or HR manager to  maintain records of due diligence for mandatory workplace training. Course authors use the U2Course component to build training. Department managers/supervisors receive automated reports and may utilize simple interface tools to record/report on training and to manage compliance in their areas.

Where is my Data Located?
Your data sits on a secure web server in either Toronto or Vancouver, Canada.

Delegate Responsibilities
The ‘National Training Manager’ may easily delegate compliance responsibility to location and/or department training managers (or supervisors) who are issued simple access / tools to assume compliance responsibility in their location/department. Up-to-the-minute KPI % compliance reports are available at all management levels.

Optional: Create and Deliver Online Company Courses

Xerte™ online toolkits

Xerte™ toolkits is an award-winning suite of multimedia authoring tools developed by the University of Nottingham, UK, and is used by hundreds of schools, colleges, and universities around the world. U2Course is a commercially-hosted online implementation of the open-source Xerte™ software within the Simply! Tracking LMS. It allows non-technical subject matter experts in small-to-medium companies to quickly create and deliver cost-effective training.

  • Fast course development for small to medium business
  • Non-technical persons can develop training
  • Assign and deliver courses online to staff or external contractors
  • Track progress and automatically score exams

Moving fully to online training can result in large savings for many companies.

Template Design

Xerte’s template-driven design makes content authoring easy to anyone with a web browser. Subject matter experts can focus on their content rather than the need for developing programming skills. Groups of persons like developers and artists can collaborate on instructional course design from different locations.

Self Scoring Exams

Create self-scoring interactive exams with various question types, audio, and/or video. Exams can score directly to the Simply! Tracking database and students can print their own certificates of completion. Email notifications of upcoming course expiries to remind students to stay current. Electronic proctoring for positive verification of student identity is available.

Multimedia Content

Xerte’s many page types make  creating multimedia content (text, images, video, audio) easy. Built-in-tools for accessibility generate high-usability content for learners with special needs.

HTML5 Delivery

Courses developed can be delivered to all desktop and mobile devices using standards-compliant HTML5 in a responsive template. Developers can access javascript and CSS to created sophisticated customized materials if desired.

Some Commercial Courses Built With U2Course Builder:

Food Safety for Food Handlers online training
Infection Control for Public Workers
New: Best Practices / Continuous Improvement Module


Get Critical Information Acknowledged – FAST

  • Quickly disseminate important documents and videos to staff and contractors
  • Require and track acknowledgment of documents for legal purposes
  • Monitor compliance with real-time KPI reports
  • Put your safe operating procedures online for periodic acknowledgment
  • Solicit feedback: innovate in a continuous improvement loop
Delegate Compliance Management to Managers and Supervisors

Assign scheduled student status reports to anyone who you appoint responsible to monitor training and compliance.

Engages Managers in Training and Employee Support, Easily Identify Poorly Performing Departments

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