U2Course Creator Software

Quick Facts:

What is it?
A web-based modular addition to Simply! Tracking which allows you to easily create and deliver online company courses and orienations.

Who Uses It?
U2Course is usually used by the HR manager or safety/training manager. Course may be shared so multiple parties can collaborate on development.

What are the Technical Requirements?
This application requires a modern web browser. No software needs to be installed.

How Hard is it to Use?
U2Course is simple to use and can quickly create company courses from very simple to complex. Existing company Powerpoint presentations can easily be converted and imported. A company youtube movie channel is recommended for movie use.

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Put Your Company Training Online, Easily

Put Your Company Training Online

U2Course creator is an implementation of the award-winning Xerte toolkits application developed by the University of Nottingham. This simple but powerful course creation tool which allows you to build your own company orientations and training courses, assign them to workers, then email notify workers to login and complete the training. Records of completion are registered to the database for your review and students can print their own certificate of completion.

Create courses in an simple-to-use HTML5 template-based flowchart tool without programming experience. You can share courses and collaborate with other in-house authors to develop your courses. Flexible icons allow you to use built-in page types or embed your own html source code.

Create courses that integrate existing company powerpoint, video, audio, text, images and other multimedia sources.

U2Course creator is especially valuable for companies spread across multiple locations with high turnover rates who need to deliver consistent company orientation or safety training anytime, anywhere. Online training can result in considerable cost savings on travel and classroom training costs plus enhanced training consistency and 24/7 availability.

U2Course creator is a component available in the Simply! Tracking software application. Please call 1-800-893-9333 Pacific for information on a demonstration.


U2Course create your own courses

For information or a demonstration call us at 1-800-893-9333 Pacific!


Some Commercial Courses Built With U2Course Builder:

Food Safety for Food Handlers online training
Infection Control for Public Workers