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We have experience converting various types of legacy content to HTML5 / SCORM courses including (if necessary) electronically proctored exams for bulletproof validation of student indentity.

Writing / Graphics / Media / Video

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Due to rapid personnel changes in today’s challenging business environment, many projects languish for long periods waiting for the right conditions. Consider letting us take over a project and get it done fast.
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We Can Also Provide:

Click the video below to play a scene from the ‘Food Allergies for Food Handlers’ course:

Example of a supervisory ‘best practice / SOP’ for workplace substance abuse:


Example of a simulation of safe cooking/storage temperatures for a food safety course. Use your mouse to drag the food to the oven, adjust the heat, then cook it, then move it to cold storage and adjust the cold holding temperature:

Would updated content / simulations make your company training more effective?

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