Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness

Quick Facts:

What is it?
An online awareness training course for any workers who may be exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas.

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How long does it take?
Approx. 30 minutes (equivalent to a 1-1.5 hour classroom training session) with a 12 question marked quiz.

Do I get a certificate?
Yes, students can self-print certificates of successful completion.

Can I do it from home?
Yes. You can do the course from any computer (tablet or larger size) with a modern web browser capable of HTML5 (google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Brave, etc.). Audio capability recommended.

Is this a Provincial course?
No, this course is based on generic hydrogen sulfide regulations and the content is applicable in all jusidictions.

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Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness

Hydrogen Sulfide is a deadly gas that is created when organic materials decompose, and tends to accumulate in low areas. It is present in a range of industries in including wastewater, petroleum, natural gas, and construction.

Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness is a short online course (about 30 minutes) which introduces workers to the hazards of H2S and provides basic safety precautions. Company specific PDF best practices and standard operating procedures may be added to this course, requiring that the worker acknowledge compliance.

Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness topics include:

  • What is Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Where is it found
  • Characteristics and risks of H2S
  • Risk factors
  • Effects of different concentrations
  • Detecting H2S
  • Protective equipment
  • Leak response / first aid
  • Employer control measures
  • Worker responsibilities

Students proceed through self-paced and graphical, narrated lessons and a final quiz. Quiz results are automatically scored and stored for management reference.

For multiple enrollments, the Simply! Tracking program provides managers with access to completion data, batch certificate printing, expiry notifications, and training done and training due reports.

This training is available 365/24/7 and relieves managers of the hassle of scheduling and delivering classroom employee safety training!

Online Training Features:

  • Multimedia with narrated audio to enhance learning
  • Self-paced interactive tutorials with video
  • ‘Resume’ feature
  • Simple to operate
  • Students can self-print certificates
  • Automatic expiry alerting
  • Randomized, automatically scored ‘cheat proof’ final exam



For multiple registrations call us at 1-800-893-9333 Pacific!