Food Allergies for Food Handlers


Food Allergies for Food Handlers is an awareness course for anyone working in the food industry. The course seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of food allergies including what causes allergic reactions, how to prevent them, and what to do should they occur. Certificate printable on completion. Please call for quantity discounts. Click here for detailed information on this course.

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Food Allergies for Food Handlers is an awareness course for persons working in either the front and back end of the food industry. This course discusses the serious dangers persons suffering from food allergies experience when interacting with the food establishments, including high anxiety levels and their possible reluctance to disclose their situation. It seeks to raise awareness of the allergy problem with a specific emphasis on anaphylaxis, the most severe type of allergic reaction, and to differentiate between allergies and other types of food ‘intolerances’. The course clarifies what anaphylaxis is, the anxiety sufferers experience, the top allergens that trigger allergic persons, how to prevent food allergies, how anaphylaxis might present in a food establishment, and what to do if an anaphylactic reaction occurs. Contains text, audio, graphics, and video with a final quiz.