Food Safety for Food Handlers (includes WHMIS for Food Handlers)


This internet-based online Food Safety for Food Handlers course is recognized in most Canadian Province and Territories as a five-year food handlers certificate course and is a valuable credential for anyone in the food industry. Students can do the course from their home or office, progressing through the nine parts then completing an electronically proctored online test from any webcam equipped device. Students must spend a minimum of six hours in the content sections, pass each part quiz with a 100% score, and must successfully complete the final quiz with 70% or more within 30 days of beginning the course. Full narration in English, graphical with audio and user interactivity scenarios, review movies and printable PDF part summaries to study from. Contains glossary and notes features. You may stop the course and resume it anytime later. Call 1-800-893-9333 Pacific for more information. Click here for detailed information on this course.   This price includes the WHMIS For Food Service Workers course as an additional qualification.

Note: participating schools have the option of having a human proctor oversee the final test.